Are you looking for the next “it” place? Or looking for a vibrant community with affordable home prices? Many neighborhoods, like Highlands and Sunnyside, have made the transition from up-and-coming to one of the hottest neighborhoods in the area. These up-and-coming Denver neighborhoods are making a name for themselves with affordable housing, close-knit communities, and unique amenities.


Average home price: $400k

Average price per square foot: $360

This downtown neighborhood has been experiencing a turnaround and refresh in recent years. Residents love the community of great neighbors and it’s history as an epicenter for jazz music in the Denver area. Also, given it’s location – it is very convenient to downtown businesses, new shops, restaurants, and clubs. Few Denver neighborhoods boast the ability to walk to the number of amenities and attractions. According to the latest demographic statistics, the neighborhood is largely young, single professionals.


Average home price: $280k

Average price per square foot: $320

This area has seen a lot of change in the last 50 years. Today, it is a diverse and vibrant community full of families, young professionals, students, and longtime residents. East Colfax features many parks – including the city’s largest off-leash dog park – as well as bike paths, Mexican and Latin American restaurants, and a variety of shops. It is just a few miles from downtown Denver, making it one of the most affordable neighborhoods in the metro area.


Average home price: $380k

Average price per square foot: $237

Sitting just Northwest of Denver, Arvada is one of the more affordable suburbs in the area that is convenient to downtown. The average commute for this neighborhood is 26 minutes, which is one of the shorter commutes for areas outside of the metro area. Residents also enjoy the arts and culture scene as well as the short trip to the mountains for outdoor activities. This suburb’s main demographic is families with young children or teenagers with it’s quiet street and access to parks and recreational facilities.